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Song: Vimma

Artist: VIMMA

From: Helsinki, Finland

About the artist and the song: What kind of music would a plant make? Probably not Progressive Folk, but VIMMA does it anyway. Or is it Progressive Folk? Do not know, do not care. What we should care about is plants. Try to list as many as you can. When you run out, go to the nearest forest and look around you. Smell the forest and let the forest smell you. How could you save the world from environmental crisis if you do not even know what the environment consists of? Know your plants, you idiots <3

"Vimma" by VIMMA is a wake up call, quite literally. In the beginning, the narrator pictures two scenes: a dying world with it's apathetic people and a child who asks their mom about the future. Later, the scenes start to mix together until the narrator calls us to action.
Mother Earth weeps softly
With tsunamis fertilizes starving grains
Turns winds towards the Moon
From now on, there’s no return.

An epidemic is growing
in the voices of the end times
in the glances of apathetic eyes.
And those huge construction sites
carry their crosses
Accept the inevitable
Before we’ll turn into the next oil.

“Why isn’t anyone
doing anything?”

In that dream
I stand on the edge of our planet
All the factories are closed
candy-like screens shut down.
And just before the sky’s turned black
I take your hand in mine.

“Extinction is the termination of a kind of organism or of a group of kinds (taxon), usually a species. --”
“-- Pleistocene megafauna is the set of large animals that lived on Earth during the Pleistocene epoch and became extinct during the Quaternary extinction event. --”

Now is Now!
But the snoozing time is over.
Let’s do something!
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