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Song: Tree of Life

Artist: Martin Walsh

From: Gothenburg, Sweden

About the artist and the song: We are a collaboration of musical activists from Gothenburg. The song is about the destruction of Swedish forests and the lasting damage that is being done with no consideration or understanding of how important the forests are to combating the sixth mass extinction and our own survival.
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Tree of life


Here stands a majestic tree
A haven a wildlife sanctuary
When the birds in forest sing
Their music's such a beautiful thing
A cordial entente
Primordial natures
But here come the killing machines
A nightmare from your darkest dreams

Butchered stripped by the metal claw
For paper coffee cup paper straw
All smashed by Sveaskog fist
Another species on the red list
Chopped chipped stamped FSC
FSC! You gotta be kidding me
All gone in the blink of an eye
It's time now for the trees to die

You do not hear them when they fall
You do not see them crashing down to the forest floor
We close eyes and we look away
And leave it to the men with feet of clay

The clear cut is a desolate street
Crushed earth beneath your feet
Turn trees into artificial grass
Animal habitat into “biomass”
A heaven swaying in the breeze
Replaced by a field of zombie trees
You could hear a feather drop
But no birds are in this cemetery crop

When they cut the last tree down
The biggest fool will fall and lose his crown
A coup de grace with a Sveaskog twist
And the top predator is struck from the red list

Leave these feathers leave these bones
Leave them bleached between the stones
Let the stumps rot let them bleed
Lest we forget the logger's greed
Come together act as one
Friends and lovers, everyone
Act now with the upmost speed
Save the forest and set it free
The tree of life is what we need
The tree of life is for bird and bee
The tree of life is for you and me
The tree of life is for the Sámi
The tree of life is in our hands
The tree of life is in our hands
Our lives are in our hands
Our lives are in our hands

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