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Song: Fat old men

Artist: ellenpunk

From: Lund, Sweden

About the artist and the song: The song is written by the band ellenpunk. It is basically about various ways that society sucks. ellen punk consists of: Ellen Casey (song / songwriter) Lucas Casey (guitar / songwriter) Joel Casey (bass) Emil Lindell Johansson (guitar) Björn Törnquist (drums / vocals) PS: Thanks to the Department of Humanities in Lund for good inspiration.

Fat old men


Norwegian state
drowning Sami villages
in Brazil
the farmers are on their knees

you are not allowed to live here anymore
now this forest is ours
because no one cares if you become homeless

fat old men decide here
more money more misery

expensive loans
the people are starving
can not afford

what would have gone to care
sent to some f * ing bank
because no one cares if you get sick and die.

idiots decide here
capitalists desire more

for in the periphery
you are nothing to have
someone else decides how it should be
for in the periphery one is nothing to have
someone else decides you should huh

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