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Song: Enough

Artist: Olle Lundberg

From: Orust, Sweden

About the artist and the song: The song is about the relationship between man and the planet we live on, written as a relationship drama. The text describes a destructive relationship where the "duet" has forgotten the importance of nurturing the relationship and instead focuses on their own temporary happiness.
My name is Olle Lundberg and I am a climate-anxious musician from the broken-trawl west coast. For my solo project, I write songs that touch on the climate, the environment and social injustices. In my contribution "Enough" I stand for songwriting, singing and drumming. Is also drummer in the climate rock band Planet Indigo and in the upcoming set of Mamma Mia the Party at Rondo, Gothenburg.
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Omslaget till Enough.jpg


She begged you to stop
Stop digging up all her deep, dark secrets
Showed you her scar
That's who you are when your mind is made up
She uttered her fears
For so many years but you never listened
Eventually volcanos will erupt

She tried to be enough for you
Your love was not enough for two

You're taking a stand
Biting the hand that is feeding your mouth
Swimming in gold
The future you sold you will not ever get back
You're pulling her hair
Polluting the air you are breathing, pouring
Fuel to the flame
Burning down her lungs

She tried to be enough for you
Your love was not enough for two

You are digging your own grave
Wasting all she gave
Until nothing else remains
Your seven billion brains
Seem to put yourself in chains

She tried to be enough for you
Your love was not enough for two
Not even for you

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