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Song: Out of time

Artist: Not just Charlie

From: Perth, Australia

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Om artisten och låten:
'Out of Time' is a burning lament to the increasing environmental crises we see unfolding as our relationship to the natural world becomes more dissonant and disconnected. The apparent unsettling finality of the title seems to imply that there is no more that can be done to get us out of our self-created mess, however as the song progresses, another perspective is introduced that, with simultaneous optimism and urgency, shines a light toward an alternative route home by getting back 'in time'.

Not Just Charlie is the sombre side-project of Formidable Vegetable's Charlie Mgee - exploring climate grief and the deeper feelings around the Anthropocene.

Out of time

The flames are growing higher
And the house has started burning
But the smokescreen of denial
Keeps us stranded on this journey

The winds are getting stronger
And the temperature is rising
And I wonder how much longer
'Til we all start realizing

We're out of time

Give praise to all those who try
When so many are afraid
To hear the distant cry
Of the land from which we've strayed

I want to believe, believe, believe
That despair is here too soon
But until we learn to grieve
Our song's still out of tune

And we're out of time
We're out of time

But instead of clinging, clinging, clinging
To what we have left
I'm gonna keep singing, singing, singing
To I'm out of breath
The answer is ringing, ringing, I'm feeling it deep in my chest

But when the rhythm falls away
There's still notes left to play
But they're patiently saying

We're out of time

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