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Song: Come be a rebel

Artist: Jonas

From: Örebro, Sweden

About the artist and the song: Jonas is a rebel from Örebro who likes battle songs and prog. Here is a festive song that is easy to jam into during a roadblock in the summer evening.

Come be a rebel

The people in town, the power is used, drive out the police.
We want peace, and quick messages, at what cost?

Researchers ask, We must do more, if we want to huh.
But you remain passive, the collapse becomes massive, another day ..

For ministers and representatives, we are just noise, they have said no.
Large-scale mass death, with maximum time constraint, a difficult thing.

Violence does not solve anything, they abolish the condition, and set it on fire.
They lack morale, to keep the agreements, pity for us little ones.

But five ants are more, now we legalize our model.
Scrap the system, tackle the problem, become a rebel.

No more mortgaging, and massive extinction, now you're kind.
Cancel the Day of Judgment, and break the law, come rebel.

Think of everything we have achieved, we have crushed feudalism.
we have done so kings have resigned, we have defeated Nazism.

Now it's our turn,
to take our responsibility,
In order for our nature,
Should be allowed to remain, should be allowed to remain


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