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Song: The sun is still shining

Artist: The Million Mystery

From: Stockholm, Sweden

About the artist and the song:
The Million Mystery has been around since 1981. So we turn 40 this year. We play pop music or whatever comes to mind. We like synths and devices, but try to create music where it is heard that it is real people playing real instruments who play it.

This jazz waltz that joins a long Swedish musical tradition is my way of formulating how I see the role of man in relation to nature. Everything we do is part of a context, we can only survive if we understand that the wounds we inevitably inflict must be healed.

The Million Mystery is a poetic rather than a political band, just as our music is exploratory, we try to twist and turn ideas rather than point fingers. But it's true. The sun is still shining. Across Svedbo meadow and all of us. Anyone who wants to know more about Svedbo meadow can listen to us on Spotify, but Mayor Axelsson greets that he supports your competition wholeheartedly.

The orchestra consists of Joakim Hedin, drums, percussion and choir. Teodor Ulmanen, electric guitar. And me, Jerker Jansson, song, lyrics and other instruments.

The music is by The Million Mystery. Text by Jerker Jansson.

The song was intended for our upcoming album "Popmusik", but I thought this project felt so important that I did an advance mix. But if you choose this song, you can expect it to reappear, in a slightly different version. Perhaps in autumn.
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Solen skiner än


Till slut stod den inte emot.
Ängen som grönskar var vår.
Plogen har skurit ett sår
bland smörblommma, vårbrodd och vänderot.
Det är sommarn som gråter
över daggmask och mus
som plogbillen slitit itu.

Men solen skiner än
över svedbo äng.

Dimman i ängsullens hår
gnistrar som trollsländans hud.
Människor kommer och går.
Allting förvandlas till mull till slut.
Såren dom läker,
det är det som sår gör
om de bara får vara i fred.

Men solen skiner än
över svedbo äng.

(Text: Jerker Jansson 2021)

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