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how does mello rebello work?


How do I submit a song?

The deadline for entries into Mello Rebello has already passed. We hope it will be a recurring event and look forward to receiving your entry next time. In the meantime, please enjoy this year's selection!


How do I vote for a song?

You can start voting from 1st May, 2021. (To vote, you need a Swedish payment app called Swish on your mobile, therefore we are only able to accept donations within Sweden at this time). On every song page you will find two QR codes. Choose the amount you wish to donate, scan that code... and swish your vote is sent! The song that gets the most Swish love wins the competition!


Will there be a final?

Yes! First comes the semi-final on May 15th and then there will only be 8 songs left until the final. The Mello Rebello final will take place on May 22nd with just the right amount of pomp and fun (more details will come!) The winner will receive a music video produced by XRTV! Hooray!


Were there guidelines for the competition?

  1. The song must have a clear environmental theme

  2. We want Mello Rebello to be available to rebels of all ages. No swear words or themes that are inappropriate for children please

  3. The song can be a maximum of 5 minutes long

  4. The song must be your own


Does the artist win anything?

You who submit a song to the competition will personally win that your fantastic song and the message you want to highlight are celebrated on social media. And the winning song gets a music video produced by XRTV!


Where does the money go?

The donated money is sent directly to Extinction Rebellion Sweden. Your contributions will, among other things, fund beautiful banners and artwork for our campaigns. They will also cover costs for legal advice, police fines, travel for volunteers who want to undergo training in other places, recruitment of more rebels and much more… Together we create change!


I live outside Sweden. Can I participate?

You can submit a song no matter where on Earth you are. As we use Swish to vote for the songs, we can only receive donations within Sweden.

do you want to know more?

Can't find the answer to your question? Send us an email!


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