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Song: Go by train

Artist: Leif Strandh

From: Gothenburg, Sweden

About the artist and the song: Smaller green entrepreneur who has run the Compost Store in Majorna for 27 years with the aim of stopping local cycles and starting cultivations in Majorna, Gothenburg and the world. I build composts in larch wood, compote in about 2000 by Familjebostäder's tenants and sell locally produced organic food. Through my music, I want to spread the message further. We humans need to work together for sustainable change to take place.

Go by train

Here I am, trying my best
To endure and stand the test
I won´t take no airplane
Cause my soul needs comfort, I want to go by train

And there you fly, off to the sun
Holiday in a far-away country
Living is easy in the fast lane
Living is easy but you, should go by train

Aand all I´ll ever ask of you
Also counts for me
But there is one thing I can comprehend
Do you care for our children?
How do you respond to our children?

I guess I need strength to accept
all the things I cannot change
But still be couragious and change what I can
And maybe we can agree on,
And maybe we can agree on,
And maybe we can agree on, going by train
Let's go by train
But we've got to build more rail
A common rail
Throughout Europe
Cause my soul needs comfort
Oh, yeah

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