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Song: It's our time now

Artist: Anna Ottertun

From: Gothenburg, Sweden

About the artist and the song: It's immeasurable defenders. I choose to create. I choose love, to believe and to hope. I choose joy, music, dance, yoga, various tongues, yes all kinds of communication! With hands, feet, arms and eyes, emotions, fantasies, thoughts and dreams, in all weathers, until death do us part!

It's our time now

It is spring

/ It's our x4
Our turn now! / X2
/ We line up in Ängellamark's army
We will fight for our flowers, our animals / x2 talked / whispered
Like a salvation soldier, like a proud poet (your allergy you and pandemic now)

/ It's our x4
It's our chance now! / X2 talk / whisper
/ We have our chance to create angel land, (tussilago,
heaven earth, food on the tables every day / x2 almond blossoms
to every creature, insect and crab chrysanthemum)

/ It's our x4
Our time now! / X2
We do it together, in the same boat.
Our dreams can come true one day!
Now is the time to choose life
Now is the time to promote life
Now is your time to choose battle

We say: it's ours it's ours it's ours it's ours it's our turn now!
(repeat the same or with variation below)

(We say it's ours it's ours it's ours it's ours it's our chance now!
We say it's ours it's ours it's ours it's ours it's our time now!)


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