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Song: One out of a million

Artist: Rune Stenholm Jakobsen (lyrics) Leonard Cohen (music)

From: Kristianstad, Sverige

About the artist and the song: Me:
Active first in Fältbiologerna, then Naturskyddsföreningen, FFF and XR. Works extremely non-profit within these three in different ways. Wants a sustainable society now and is unafraid to propose new thinking. Species nerd, raised in Denmark, fact-finding, cheerful. Has built his own straw bale house.

The song:
I have written a rebel text for Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" from 1984. In my search for suitable rebel songs, this one struck me more than others. it signals sympathy and the heavy burden of standing up for something. At the same time, the chorus invites rebels to sing along. I have also made a Swedish edition but it is less "sing-with-lyrics". I have this recording with video if needed
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One out of a million

I heard there was a final chance
That we shoud make a rebell dance
For climate justice - and for a future [futjiar]
Still the politicians hide
and companies - they ride the tide
making us believe they'll save the future
save the future - save the future - save the future - save the fu-uuuuu-ture
I know youre one outta a millionbut we are extinction rebellion
together we shake the power - for a futiar
I know its hard but carry on
you know its right - we do belong
out on the streets shoutin “save the future” [save the fjutiar]
save the future - save the future - save the future - save the fu-uuuuu-ture

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