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Song: All I wanna do is change (Runaway)

Artist: XR Meanjin / Rene Wooller

From: Brisbane, Australia

About the artist and the song: I have been making music on computers since the 90s, and am passionate about writing software that composes music. However, computers cannot go 'bing' on a dead planet. So this last year and a half I've been doing what I can to turn around the debate, hold governments accountable for the trauma they are inflicting on future generations through inaction and fossil subsidies. Activism has been a very humbling experience through developing a much broader sensitization to injustice, developing empathy for the oppressed and getting assaulted by cops.



you that feeling when you get up out of bed and get to the sink and you realize "I did not brush my teeth!" ... and you just want to change it.

All I wanna do is change
we need to, change in a changing world
A whole new world of blue
If we do not change
we need to, change in a changing world

We can not run away
From runaway global heating
my heart is beating (boom ba boom)

We can not runaway
From runaway global heating
So we'll be civil disobeyding

Verse 1:
Cause our leaders
Have not been leading
the facts they've been
about their lying
about their cheating
and all I wanna do is live
and we need to stay alive


Verse 2:
looking forward, 2020
collapse at 1 in, 1 in 20
that's 20 times, to plenty
no way to break it gently

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