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Song: Back to Babylon

Artist: Christian Bruzelious

From: Uppsala , Sweden


If the artist and song: Climate change makes me terrified and at times dejected. I think a lot and with great sadness about why we are not able to break patterns of destructive behavior and how it comes about that systematic and unsustainable use of nature's resources is not taboo. Part of the answer, I think, is that politics and lobbying deliberately trivialize these issues for their own gain, which makes me extremely provoked.

The song "Back to Babylon" is a tribute to our earth and those of us who have a constructive agenda but also a reaction to the destructive forces that oppose us. A battle song for a better world!

I myself am an environmentally committed father of small children with roots in Skåne who now lives in Uppsala. Doing what I can for my children to have a living world to grow up in is a great driving force for me, as is the preservation of our biodiversity.

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Back to Babylon

It's an amazing time we live in
Where we can move from pollution to harnessing the sun
And we have all means to build and prosper
And take good care of each other
Yes we are good to go
If it was not for those
Who still want us to suffer

Men of power and greed
They're dangerous
Preaching misogyny
Too dangerous
We can not let them be
No we can not let them be, can not let them be oh no

We tell them to run, run, run
(we tell them to) Run, run, run
(we tell them to) Run, run, run
Back to Babylon

They disrespect a woman and mock her worth
They have no respect even for blessed mother earth
So let us rise up and not take cover
Let us unite sister and brother
For we are good to go
And we must let them know
They need not even bother

Bigot and bully have fear
Despot can not silence us
Wicked man your time is near
Do not mess with us
Now shout out, let them hear
Shout it out and let them hear, we do not want you near

So tell them to run, run, run
(So tell them to) Run, run, run
(Yes tell them to) Run, run, run
Back to Babylon

So sure that the world is yours
That no greater man walked this earth before
But ego a plenty's no use for the many
No we need a different world
With prosperity and peace for the days to come
And where shelter and food is for everyone
You see we all have a part in a greater plan
Can't be held back by the greedy and arrogant

Do not bow your head before them
Raise your voice and tell them (listen!)
Pick up your things and run
We'll send you back to Babylon
Go tell him to
Run, run, run
Run, run, run
Run, run, run

Tell them the fight has begun
Now rise up as one
Make your voice heard no matter where you're from

Won't let no alternative facts dissuade us
Won't have no grab them by the p **** dictators

They'd better run back to Babylon

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