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Song: Better together

Artist: Climate X-Press

(D. Andréas / Frida (Olsson)

From: Gothenburg , Sweden


If the artist and song: The song is a call and an invitation to agree, board to change and make the climate shift to a party. Because we are better together.

The song is available in Swedish (featuring rapper Frida Scar) AND English (featuring rapper EMRIK)

I have been writing songs about the climate since 2018: The first song was approved by the UN Climate Secretariat with a sample of 12-year-old climate activist Timochi Nalusala from Fiji and COP23. Right now, songs with artist collaborations will be released in 2021.

More "music on a mission for zero emission":

More about the climate fight pop initiative Climate X-Press here:

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Better together

It's time to hurry
Now is the time to get on board
We can do better
Better together

Hang on to change now
For one, you and I donate a future
We can do better
Better together

We have a window open now
To rearrange me and you
We can do better
Better together

The planet is sick, so agree
Make life a party across every border
We can do better
Better together

(Rap / Frida Scar)

Do you have money and the passport and packed the bag
The X-press is rolling now there is no time to wait
We do it together - not alone
I know it's hard - I know it's stressful

But how do you look them in the eye
Wow, how can you live with yourself?
You must be able to answer honestly when the children ask
why we let them down again

So, we change and do the right thing here
We protest and shout
We learn to live in new ways
and puts pressure on politics

So, we change and do the right thing here
We protest and shout
And we make it a party
Also celebrate
Let's change all the shit

Get onboard, get onboard, get onboard the Climate X-Press

//What should we do? Save the climate.
When? Now, now, now! //

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